Does not require new investment in measuring equipment
Accurately defines distortion at any point of the glass
Implemented PDM system manages measurement results and supporting documents
Eliminates subjectivity of the personnel during the measurement process
Allows the implementation of different standards for measuring quality

Standard Definition

In order to meet the highest standards of quality assurance in transparency inspection and to fully eliminate any subjective factors from the process, standard definition is very important. Standard definition in TOPINS is the result of many years of experience on aircraft transparencies optical quality inspection.

Before each measurement, the user defines relevant standard(s) or uploads an existing standard from the database. A highly intuitive menu allows hassle-free setting of standards and acceptable measurement error margins for a given type of transparency. Once a standard is set in the automated mode, in less than a minute TOPINS will indicate the location of even the smallest distortion on your transparency. A carefully selected color range will clearly show the level of distortion, where detected.

Each Standard has two elements: Standard Angle and Angle Tolerance. In Topins, angle can be expressed using 4 different units - radians, gradians, degrees and “tangent” function are displayed at the same time. “Tangent” function of “1:x” means that angle corresponds to angle that is defined by a diagonal of a rectangle of width “x” and height “1”.

standard definition image 01Standard definition dialog-box

Standard Angle is used to define what amount of distortion is over the desired level.

The optical inspector can use Angle Tolerance to define the expected and tolerated error levels (numerical, human). Color Dialogue enables you to select any color as the indicator of a specified level of distortion. A unique panel is used to graphically represent the tangent function of Standard Angle and its lower and upper bounds. Below that panel you will find a panel which graphically displays how far the lines need to be distorted to be marked as valid.

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